KanD Johnson May 28, 2018

YouTube’s Latest Shake-Up Hits Up-and-Coming Creators the Hardest | WIRED

The internet is an awesome tool and the devices that compliment the services, add convenience unknown to mankind until now. I say, now, because people seem to forget the basic essentials. Old school pen and paper still work. When I need to get lyrics down I don’t grab my Samsung Galaxy phone. I grab a pen and sheet of paper or composition notebook tablet. We have passed processes and peoples jobs on to artificial intelligence. Now we wonder around in the dark thinking this fad will never end. People write articles with out knowledge of the basic elements that govern markets, and general consumption.

Problem with Over Saturation

Youtube and Google are main sources of information but it has never been a main source for income. More work hours are placed in to Content title research, audience reach research, popular tag research, content curation, copying or original works which take more time. Let’s not play the winning streak is over game. There was a very small window in which the internet was profitable.

Now the internet is over saturated with people who have been conned into thinking the internet is a gold mine of sorts. Stop the fantasy land crap and look at reality. How many people you know that are literally making money online? Keep thinking but when you’re done, you will come to the recollection that no one you know is making a substantial amount of money online. All the unrelated keywords search, tagging and and SEO tactics that keep the big corporations at the top including Real Raw Records Multimedia Corporation. If you have a small self employment operation you are doomed. You have to swim in the pond with billions of little fish and hope a big fish don’t swallow you up. Larger companies like ours have access to systems and information not shared on the stream of YoutubeHow to Videos“.

Youtube Becoming Extinct or Evolving

Search Engines and Multimedia Corporations such as Real Raw Records Inc, use techniques that get us on the front page of the internet with the use of Youtube and other VoIP Service Providers. We have a skilled programmer working to drive traffic from any where in the United States and tap in to an audience of hundreds of thousands of viewers per minute at the very least. Want To Be Heard Subscribe Post. Members are welcome to post Youtube Videos Here. Looking for a band. Post and ad Here. Want to drive more traffic to your business? Our Sponsorship Packages include 1000-5000 Audience OutReach Advertisements, Event Banner Placement, Exclusive Industry Placement, Product Display Tables, and more.

Youtube is a long way off from losing it’s value but too far from understanding where thier value exist in the marketing. I am always giving tips and pointers on my Youtube Channel to assist with the Evolution of Google/Youtube Products.




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