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 Why is it stressful for new staff in the business development department of a corporation? 


Business development is a business term used in reference to the general topic of implimentation of a plan to increase a business. Therefore a staff working in a business development department is some times referred to acquisitions developer

An acquisitions developer has a stressful position because it is their sole responsibility to contribute quantifiable growth and or expansion to the corporation they serve. 

Acquisitions developer
Depending on the market and industry acquisitions can include increase in products and or services. In other positions they may be required to acquire business relationships and or large clientele accounts. 

I will direct my answer to address a general senario

There are many stresses a new staff member can take on, solely due to the fact that they are in a new work environment

Confidence is derived from knowing

When you know yo shit, you can proceed with confidence.

All the unknown factors builds stress, in the form of feeling inadequate

I sincerely believe we have not gotten the response we desired in our solicitation for new board acquisitions and development committee members because of peoples general feelings of inadequacy. 

When people don’t feel confident enough they won’t pursue things out of their comfort zone.

There are so many things people assume would give them value such as degrees or years of experience. 

This is a dreadful myth

I have acquired positions in life simply because I was willing to jump in

and give it all I got

The only thing that qualify me to be CEO of Real Raw Records is my relentless purpose filled persistence.

We are searching for board committee members but to take the pressure off the expectations

The potential candidates

Do not have to donate a certain amount

Do not have to have degrees

Do not have to have experience

Our primary qualification is willingness

Good communication skills

Dependable person of Integrity

Ability to take initiave and work well with others

Ability to sell a product or service you believe in.

When there are unrealistic expectations, in the mind of the new staff it makes acquiring the goal painful and stress filled because the new person doesn’t want to feel like they are taking over or belittling the efforts, ideas, or processes already in place.

Business development is a vital part of any business plan. We are not encouraging people to come in and take over but we are searching for people who know how to take initiave within the scope of our business plan which is loosely structured to allow creative freedom. If we vote you in its because we value your input to begin with. 

Written by

KanD Johnson

CEO Of Real Raw Records

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