Who really cares about the poor?

Who Cares?

Reality Check √

There are many charitable organization who’s focus is children and young adults. Most of these programs are created to impact children’s lives at an early age, as a preventative effort against poverty. When addressing an issue it is always a good thing to create ways to prevent an unfavorable outcome. We applaud those who’s efforts are geared towards empowering children. On the other hand, poverty is an issue in our society, that needs to be remedied from multiple angles. We have many programs to help poverty stricken children, but what about the adults who are dying on our streets. What do we do about the parents of these children? Our current welfare, and housing programs were set up to address the immediate needs of the poor. Many local nonprofits provide housing assitance, clothing, and additional food resources. There are some governmental programs that address education and job training. However, the limitations of these type of programs present a huge gap in the system. For example: Welfare is a system that does not help people who are doing anything to better their own situation. Did you know that if an applicant acquires a job, their assistance is cut off, even if the job is not sufficient to meet their needs? Essentially they are punished for trying to do better for themselves. If a recipient wants to start a business, or become self employed, there are no programs to help them. If a client does not have children there is a minimal amount of help available. If a client has learning disabilities, college would not be a realistic option for them and Real Raw Records is their only alternative.  If a client has creative talent Real Raw Records is the only organization that encourages and offers support for the use of naturally acquired skills, and or talent.

Music Is Magic Initiative (MIMI)

Our Music Is Magic Initiative addresses these issues with practical solutions that fill in the gaps. Granted there are many angles with which to address an issue but most importantly there should be realist expectations. Can we realistically expect a person to go to college, when they are homeless and/or are in need of finance to maintain basic living expenses?

Real Raw Records Inc is a Nonprofit Record Label.  What that means, in simple terms is, we don’t take advantage of artist and make money off their talent. What we do is help creativity people, by providing resources for their success. We provide information and resources for our clients to learn how to utilize natural creative abilities to become financially stable. 

  • Our charity purpose is to help the financial condition of the less fortunate.
  • We design economic programs with a practical and wholistic approach to reaching goals. 
  • We are structured as a system of support that encourages the concept of people helping one another. A system of exchange.


Lasting Success is inevitable with unified artist. We envision an environment that is productive and beneficial to all involved. Our board is made up of ordinary people with extraordinary talent, and a pleasant blend of Legendary character. Each member contributes their gift/talent to the benefit of the organization as a whole. We composite these talents to construct a Legendary BranD, products that sell themselves, and a Legacy that will last a lifetime.  

SuperLike ShareIf you are an artist that want to advance in the art and entertainment industry we will arm you with confidence first and foremost. To encourage that confidence we develop artist branding. We inform artist of the necessity to professionalize their talent with copyright protection, licensing, and a professional appearance. We also provide platforms to perfect or display your talent. As a Label we back you up with the support of Labels’ BranD endorsement and Artist Team Assistance.  Who could ask for more?   

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