PreciousBre April 12, 2017


“Who buys music anymore?”


“It would actually be a insightful question to ask, Have people stop buying music?” and why if the answer is yes

“Truth is people have Not stop buying music.” 

As a business consultant I respect statistical data to a very minimal extent

The reason for this distrust is obvious in the marketing world but blatantly ignored in the business sector. 

I’ll explain in short watch the video for details. 

So what has really happened?

Music Lovers have heard how badly the artist are treated financially.  They are also tired of commercialized and insincere music so they stopped funding the large label greedfest. It’s over. Now the labels are pouring money into online outlets that appear to be an outlet for independent artist but are secretly owned by the same people.  

When people think they are sticking it to the big man they think they have won. The big corps know this so they devised a way to get the consumers money but make them think they are helping independent artist. The label in turn still control indie artist without ever signing a contract. 

Written by

KanD Johnson

CEO Of Real Raw Records

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