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“What type of products or services are needed in the nonprofit industry?”


Nonprofits, like other businesses have to market a product or service. In addition that, they have a need to raising awareness of their cuase.

501C3 Charities (can not ) just sell things to make money. We are required by law to get community support with what is called public support contributions.

However most people think the government fund charities and rely on that when they don’t donate. This is a sad myth and many charities are closed down due to lack of funs.

That being said The most important thing that entreprenuers can offer to charities is

  • funraising services offline

MOST online crowdfunding like indiegogo is a scam to get people to willing allow them to access your own person contacts so they can sell that information later to other interested parties that is why…

People who do not pay for their featureservices do not get funded. Another modernized get rich quick scam.

If you Do not link all your social media contacts, email contacts, and spam your own facebook you will not get donations.

  • direct mail services
  • fresh donor list
  • volunteer recruiting services
  • warehouse location to collect donations
  • low cost office rental space
  • advertising and marketing services offline
  • recruitment of board members

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