PreciousBre April 14, 2017


“What are the financial percentages in a nonprofit spent on advertising, raising awareness, and advocacy?”


It should be 70 /30

Many finances balance out to be more closer to 40% 30% 30%

The cuase is always the focus of advertising in actuality if a cuase is only to raise awareness the advertising expense becomeone with the cuase

Insituations where a physical location is needed the percentage available to allocate to the cause decreases.

The more expenses associated to providing client services or product the less money will be available for the cause (This is the reason for the tax exemption. To allow more spending room to fulfill the charitable purpose.

It is understood that money is needed to sustain the cost of essential operating expenses, which include staff.

I know you didn’t mention percentages forstaff or operating expenses but we can’t eliminate staff in a realistic senario. 

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