Real Raw Records Creed

Real Raw Records Creed

“Music is Magic Creed”

The mission of Real Raw Records™ is to contribute to the economic growth, development and prosperity of under privileged artist.

We believe music is Spiritual, very Powerful, and it is an Extremely Effective Tool that will aid us in our efforts to make a difference in our society.

We believe “Music is Magic”

We believe art of all forms including but not limited to music has the ability to affect people in a positive or negative way but we only support art that is positive in nature.

We believe people that were born with natural creative ability were created by God to give their gift back to the world to bring about healing and wholeness in one way or another.

We believe Love, as it pertains to truth, is the principle characteristic in a human “spirit” being.

We believe Integrity is essential in business and we uphold these standards in our organization.

We purpose to touch as many lives as we can with music and art to invoke change that will benefit all who are involved.

We believe God is in Music and Legendary “Music is Magic”

Real Raw Records Creed was adopted September 2014

The Real Raw Records Creed was adopted as a morally ethical and transparent standard that governs our organization.

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