Welcome to Real Raw Records

Warm Southern Welcome

From Our CEO

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to view our site to find out more about us. We are the first charity record label in history. We make dreams a reality. We are dedicated to operate in a Spirit of Excellence in Providing you our followers, listeners, and fans with useful as well as entertaining content. If this is your first visit to our site please make a mental note that we update our site everyday with new content.

Here you’ll find an Introduction,

Authentic Welcome

Our Official Invitation

To Explore and Experience the Magic of Music with us!

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Explore our site with expectation!

Expect to be WoWed!  

Expect to be motivated!

Expect to be inspired!

Expect to Konnect!

Expect to get useful information for obtaining your goals.

Expect to learn something new.

Expect to be better informed and gain knowledge.

Expect a Reality Check.

Expect Mistakes.

We realize that although we may work hard to present ourselves in a professional or articulate manner we are human and we are subject to error therefore we welcome comments, suggestions and critiques. We are striving for the very best!

We expect to hear from you!

KanD Johnson CEO of Real Raw Records

Thanks with Love on Top

KanD Johnson

#RealRawRecordsInc Staff, Artist, & Creative Team 

Official Home Of Real Raw Records

Real Raw Records Inc.

P.O. Box 273

Netcong, NJ 07857

(518) 732-5729

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