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Sign Up To Volunteer 

Career Volunteering is an incentive program that provide an opportunity for volunteers support a worthy cause and earn a living at the same time. 

Volunteer to job placement

We the first Charity Record Label in the history of the music and nonprofit industry. We are making legendary moves at Real Raw Records. “Be a part of History In The Making” and join the family. Be where you will be appreciated. It’s literally a characteristic requirement to show appreciation to one another. Our company structure is based on a measure of integrity. This is the best volunteer opportunity, you couldn’t ask for more.

The purpose of our organization is to provide pure entertainment, music with a message, valuable resources and a system of support that is needed for anyone to succeed in building a sustainable career. Our charitable services cater to under privileged late bloomers, creative people, age 30 and up. We also offer a charitably discounted industry services to the general public to help those who are not at legal poverty level but they want to create a a better life for themselves.

What task will you be performing?

You tell us what you are capable of doing and we will agree upon a task that will allow you to show off your skills?

We do have set task that you will be allowed to choose from but because some of our processes of operation are propriety we do not disclose details to the general public. We have provided a list of task that you will be asked to perform such as 

Communication – If you are a good sales person you will be the ideal candidate for many of our positions available (Relationship building skills is essential)

Clerical – If you are good with computers we have positions that require a combination of clerical/internet skills.

Marketing – Knowledge about PR, Promotion, and Promotion

B2B Networking – Knowledge in acquisitions and building business relationships

Sales – You will not be literally selling anything but you will need the skills to perform certain positions.

Recruiting – This includes assisting in recruiting more volunteers… Once you find out more details you will want to get others involved perhaps this position will suit you.

Event Planning – If you have a network of people, organized, with good time management skills.

Canvasing – This essentially mean physically passing out flyers, promo cards, cds or other materials to increase awareness. ( This is an option for people who like prefer the outdoors and talking to people)

Once you have contacted us for your follow through instructions you will given a date to attend the next volunteer orientation. The orientation will include topics and literature covering compliance and some important operational procedures. At which time you will be required to sign a Nondisclosure, noncompete agreement.

This basically protects us if someone attends a meeting just to find out privileged information. We are not secretive about our business just protective of our valuables 🙂

Orientations are held in currently held in Parsippany NJ. Call Us!

“Continue, build or start a career with us! When positions are available we hire staff  from within and we start with our volunteers those who have contributed from the heart.

You will be helping us to create 5,000 paying jobs, why wouldn’t we offer them to you first?”

We are currently in the process of raising the finances needed to purchase a large enough facility to house a State of the Art Recording Studio, Dance Studio, and Performance Center! We are hosting a fundraising event and are in need of willing people who understand the purpose of organization. We need people who care about the success of the organization for the benefit of all involved including themselves. We blindly believe that those who need help the most are those willing to give when they don’t have much themselves.

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 Volunteer to job placement Build a Career at Real Raw Records, charity record label located in New Jersey.