The voice In the sound

The voice In the sound ©

I hear these voices in my head. I know that sound it makes. It’s almost like I’m going mad.  I know for damn sure I’m not.  So, What is that Voice? How to deal with this voice, Who knows…The only Question that can be answered is…  Where are these voices coming from? The Voices are coming from the sounds.

The sounds are amazing they entertain me. They speak of love, life , death, and destruction. The voices are in harmony a perfect balance of both good and evil. They are sooo Melodic they play against my heart beat. Thump Love, Bump hate, Thump life, Bump death. Dadumpa da dump war,  Thathumpa tha thump peace.

Shush! Listen! Can you hear them? They aren’t ringing in your ear? The explosion of a high pitch frequency being turn down to a body rocking rhythm. These voices in my head, they remind me of my past and fortell my future. I’m telling you. I am far from going mad.  They speak of violence, drenched in a bath of red blood, the voices of the souls that have been covered with mud. The oceanic whispers of secrets untold. The voice in the sound of castaway music unfold.  They drown out the sound the media blast and tell me the truth this shit won’t last. Sounds of the corporate world that wreaks of greed…The voice in the sound begs and it pleads. Please! please! please set me free! The voice that say I can do anything, try me you’ll see…I give sight to blind, with sounds they see.

These voices say, I can do anything I set my mind to do. I am convince of this fact, that makes it TRUTH. What these sounds say to me is, “It’s up to me, I can go as far as my imagination can reach. In my hands, I hold my destiny. The voice in the sounds, they speak indefinitely. The waves of the voice, wondering when will I act like it sounds. The sky is NO limit when you’re far beneath the ground. No matter what choice of the song I want to play. The voice of the sounds won’t go away. The sounds of the voice will always be, they repeat the sound, it’s all up to me. You hear?  Can you hear? Do you hear the voice?  The voice in the sound it’s all around you. A symphony of hope, they whistle the same tune, you need to do what you were born to do!

Article Written By: Brettisha Jiles

Director of Productions at Real Raw Records Inc.
Director of Productions at Real Raw Records Inc.


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