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Thank you Lord | Attitude of Gratitude |

Song Title | Thank You Lord

” You Don’t have to be Religious to Be Thankful ” 

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Thank You Lord is about having an attitude of gratitude

 Oh Lord you been, you been o w ow…ow so dog on good
And I just want to say thank you Lord
Aint nobody like ya
You been, my closest friend
You stick closer than a brother
You been, oh Lord you been my very closest friend yea
You been … you been my, my very closest friend
And I just want to say thank ya thank you Lord

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Lord You made a way out of no way and I just want to thank you lord
Lord I thank you
Aint nobody like you
None that hold me
Lord I love you with all of my heart
And all of my soul yea
Just cant thank you enough
Just can’t praise you enough
Lord you are worthy yea
I wanna give you the fruit of my lips because
I appreciate your kindness
I appreciate your love for me Lord
I Love you Yes I do!
I wanna Ta Ta Ya Lord
I wanna say thank you lord
Lord because you been so good
and Lord because you been so kind
Lord you are worthy worthy Lord
And you deserve all the honor all the praise yea

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Attitude of Gratitude

Thank you Lord | Attitude of Gratitude |


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