PreciousBre March 9, 2015


What aspiring artist need to know and understand about how the industry works.  Many small Independent Labels have fallen prey to this demise as well.  Traditional Labels wait until an artist and labels have done all the work developing their own branding, building a huge fan base and paid handsome cost for quality productions and then the Larger Labels swoops in and endow the artist/labels with large advances and put the artist in debt to them. The artist/labels think they have really “Made it big” and the advances are appetizing for the moment. Then reality kicks in when they are asked to do things they hadn’t planned on doing. Artist/Labels don’t realize what they have agreed to until it’s too late. “SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER

Under the confines of a Traditional Label they are forced to compromise their artistic quality to please the labels and their so called “Expert Producers”  Artist no longer own themselves essentially they are owned by the label. Don’t be mistaken this is a good decision for some artist simply because they need the structure.  Some people cannot control themselves and the labels place requirements on them to keep the artist from destroying their image, thereby destroying the potential sell of the product. There is nothing wrong with guidelines. All businesses have guidelines.  This article is not meant to discredit the Large Labels it is meant to inform the artist of the reality of how the music industry works. Many artist are striving for stardom without the knowledge of the business.


@Real Raw Records We want to make it clear to artist submitting work to us. Our  label does not operate in the capacity of the traditional label.


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