The powers that be

​The powers that be…

American is a beautiful country in terms of landscape variations and resources

That being said we lack the cooperation of people in control to transform our local communities

“No real impact can be made without cooperation of those who lead the pack”

Not the president or any other puppet on a string but the real puppet masters

What you see is what they want therefore no transformation can occur without their cooperation They don’t have to participate but you will need them to allow you to proceed without disruption because they control the resources, government, and land

There are other forces that rule them

Called Principles – It’s kind of a universal loop hole lol

One principles in particular will void opposition if necessary It’s the one enemy they have they can’t see it so they have no defense or controle of its activities

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    About Real Raw Records Inc

    Real Raw Records We create “Music from the soul…For the Soul”
    We are the 1st Charity Record Label in the History of the Music Industry. Our primary goal is to create jobs and offer opportunity for people living in poverty to be mentored, supported, and afforded resources to build careers. Our charitable purpose is to improve the quality of life for those, who without our help lose hope for a better future for their families. We preserve art by raising awareness of the value of creativity in the work place.
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