PreciousBre March 9, 2015

images social mirrorThe Secret of Music that Eludes the People that Currently Control the Music Industry

This Video Contains the Secret that continues to Elude The Greed Motivated Music Industry Mongrels. They have no clue about the importance of Real Musicians and Singers. That’s what classifies them as Mongrels they are not pure breed. The people who control, Billboards, Grammies, BET, MTV, Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, America’s Got Talent etc. all the bogusly associated music accolades are controlled by mongrels who have no love for music or it curators. We are not here to kiss their egos to get their fake awards so we can speak the truth. Lots of people are aware of these truths but won’t speak it out loud because they feel they need them to some extent to qualify their worth. 

Greed is Blinding!

They are watching everything we do to steal ideas from us as they already have, but we hold the most valuable secret. I guarantee you Industry Leaders will watch this video and they still won’t get it. Between the Blinding attributes of greed and arrogance, the illusion of power associated with money, and the lack of understanding simple things, they are lost with a map.

There are laws that govern this earth whether you believe in them or not they exist. Those laws cannot and will not be altered.  The people who try to avoid them or change them find themselves frustrated and continually disappointed with their results. This is the reason for the drastic drop in Music Sales. The industry leaders thought because they APPEARED to succeed in their plot of greed that they had out witted the law. They are now reaping from the seeds.

There is a law that rules all things.

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

The Law of Sowing and Reaping is simple. Some people refer to it as Karma but regardless to what you choose to refer to as the facts remains that it does exist and it cannot be altered. The Law of Sowing and Reaping is Unforgiving it sits at the origin of everything and it judges the root and it determines the life cycle of the tree, it’s fruit kind, and it also determines the fate of the sower! Mockery of the Law is a sure sign of ignorance but also an assured fate of despair. Time is the law enforcer and it will do it’s job.  Everyone believes in time and no one can control it. It has no friends! People can manipulate people, things, and systems but NO ONE CAN CONTROL TIME! It only has one Boss it’s Creator!

Bad Boys Bad Boys Whatch gonna do What whatcha gonna do when they come for you?


Rabbit Got the Gun

The #LegendaryMovement Has Begun!

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