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Interested in knowing what is a school of intellect?

Corporate School Of Idiots

Large Corporations are Breeding Grounds for Egos and Ignorance there is no room at the top for a School of Intellect!

Real Raw Records is taking a big risk going against the system that detest the very nature of NATURAL ABILITY and NATURAL TALENT & CREATIVITY. We are Making History, as the First 501c3 Nonprofit Charity Record Label in the History of the Music industry. Most Corporations involving Art and Entertainment are created and structured for profit. This is why we have faced a monstrous task in developing an environment that will have to compete with LARGE CORPORATION who control the market. We have to be very considerate of the fact they have controlled the industry for a long time and if we offend them too much THEY WILL CRUSH US like little bugs. We are willing to face this task with humility but with boldness because of it’s necessity.

A school of intellect is necessary because the artist are literally dying and being deprived of an opportunity simply because they don’t fit the corporate industry profile of a what an Artist Look Like or What a Celebrity Looks like. These qualities have nothing to do with art but that is why we are here. The industry has been depraved of REAL TALENT for a long time. Computers mimicking the voices of Real Singers and Instruments and Pretty Faces / models have taken the place of Real Artist. Intellect implies the knowledge of the mind, or a knowing from the mind. This is natural inclination. People with natural talent have a strong sense of connection with there gifts and that connection gives of a frequency to those who indulge in their artistry whether it be a song or a painting. The spirit or message is transferred through their work. This type of intellect can be cultivated but never duplicated, imitated, or regenerated. The corporate world has tried and failed. They have replaced ART with SEX. “Sex sells” is their Motto.  People who do not have talents are used in their manipulative world because people who know they don’t have the talent to be deserving will bow to servitude in any manner that will allow them to obtain the wealth and fame. A School of Intellect is necessary to cultivate the natural talent as well build the artist character and confidence in their abilities. This would be extremely contradictory to goals of large corporation who seek complete allegiance and control.

People have lost their lives in the past trying to introduce new perspectives that disagree with the dictator mentality of corporation. Their only motivation is dollars. If your ideas contradict their greed oriented NWO, they are rejected immediately. Our organization welcomes all creative ideas with open arms. We are built upon the creative structure of the awesome ability of the mind! We need your help to stay alive long enough to establish a solid foundation for artist to come.

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"Never Ordinary Always Legendary
“Never Ordinary Always Legendary

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Against Alienating, Dehumanizing And Exploitative WORK

Article Written By Efstratios Filippidis

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It is a big misconception to think that all those who refuse to have a formal job are lazy or incompetent people. Indeed, capitalists disseminate this fabricated denigrating myth as to psychologically coerce everyone into becoming a slave of their exploitative economic system. Most jobs destroy people’s potential for developing their creativity and having a fulfilling life.

a cog in the machine

There are very skilled, creative and vigorous people who are CONSCIOUSNESS OBJECTORS against dehumanizing, uncreative, underpaid and exploitative work. They prefer to live a very modest material life, surviving through informal, occasional but mostly freely chosen work than working in a routine, alienating, subservient, uncreative job like mindless cogs in a mindless profit-making big machine.

Article Written By Efstratios Filippidis

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