PreciousBre April 29, 2017
Rules of engagement

PSA: Artist Managers

Are You Following the Rules of Engagement?

Are you Reaching Out to Music Industry Influencers but you’re not getting anywhere?

Know Your Shit

   If this comes as a surprise to you…You need a manager that knows all of this that will represent you with professionalism. If you are a manager and you didn’t know any of this you may have ruined someone’s chances to be heard or better late than never.

It is the Artist and or Manager’s responsibility to do your homework. The process of shopping music and artist is very similar to applying for an Executive Position for a Large Corporation. Your chances of being picked out of thousands of applicants are greater when you are prepared to win.


Chess Strategy

How to reach your goals

You must have an effective plan or strategy. Spamming people’s emails, Twitter Direct Message or Facebook Inbox, in the music industry and every other industry is annoying. This form of engagement will more than likely be considered selfish and inconsiderate on your part. 


Be business conscious and professional if you want to be viewed as a professional. What ever you do don’t say, “Check this out”, “Check out”, “Halla at me”, “This is hot”, or any of the other slang words you use with your friends or relatives. Be mindful that this is a business contact. Be yourself but the professional version of you! Avoid being phony people can easily spot an ass kisser and it’s annoying.

 Don’t send Mp3 Versions of recordings to anyone if at all possible but especially not radio stations or reps.

Be Mindful or knowledgable that DJs don’t have that much power like they use to. Major Radio Stations are either owned or are partly controlled by the Large Corporate Record Labels. Which means they spend most of their airtime pushing their artist and people within their network.

In any case DJs are required to play music of a certain standard of quality on the air. Be aware Mp3 Versions are sometimes acceptable to send in an email if requested but music is lesser quality and do not make you look professional. Save those Mp3s for after you have built a relationship and the person request more music from you. 

Real Talk On Air

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