PreciousBre November 18, 2016
Reality check

Real Talk via Real Raw Records


   We realize and are well informed of corruption in our society. We are not pursuing life with blinders on, so thich that we can’t see the results of greedy and the patern of destruction as it sucks the very life out of us. Who could ignore the obvious governal strategy of sabotage to it’s own. How could conspiracy be a word if the senario wasn’t defined from #REAL occurances of conspiracy.  We dare not negate the obvious factor that conpiracy is real. Some seem to thriving off of finding out secrets that they could handle even if they knew the truth. No one is requesting that you #Stop Thinking! No start thinking Think about the people who know about what the information you are seeking what benefit is having it. The issue with thinking isn’t over thinking. It’s not directing the mind to thoughts that benefit and seek knowledge that is profitable! Some people tend to take things too far which in turn is counter productive. Relax!

All the things you fear was here long before you and will be here long after!

#RealTalk via #RealRawRecords

Reality check
Humor in #Reality

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