PreciousBre February 4, 2017

Real Deep Definitions via #RealRawRecords

The Deep Definition of Stupid.

What we interpret as stupid is lack of intellectual standards set by society.

In general these merits set by traditional school environment and are predetermined no matter what the obvious truth is there. 

The only concern with this particular standard measurement is the fact that people have paid for degrees and used them to secure good paying jobs,  while genuises have slipped through the cracks of poverty. Contributing to the economic crisis of our thriving country. We need solutions that work. Forget the fluff!

When you see a tag on a product that reads MADE IN AMERICA 

You think “This some good shit right here!” 


Serial Entrepreneur

These truths and many others reveal a flaw in our general measurement of qualifications.

When we observe the test of time we can’t ignore that some things yield results that prove their value. 

That being said if a person say they want things to be better but ignore an opportunity to get better.  Well… that doesn’t seem to be very smart no matter how many degrees you have it doesn’t negate facts. Action that is conducive to the results. 

“The proof of desire in the pursuit”

Do you really want to see change?

How bad you want change?

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