PreciousBre April 29, 2017

Real Succes Requires Us To Keep It Real

Keep it Real mean be realistic, it is a mental state of application toward Success

Real Raw Records is not just a Record Label that promotes Talent Alone

We promote and encourage Legendary Talent Combined With Legendary Character 

Now that’s the ultimate recipe for success!

We are examples of what we teach. We Keep it Real at Real Raw Records.

Many People follow other people because they assume they must be somebody important because they have a verified account or a lot of followers on Twitter but We are not Impressed by The Numbers  

Anyone can buy Followers, and or gain followers with Keyword Usage and anyone can get verified!

We Block Twitter Bots and other Fake Accounts because we don’t choose to indulge in the practice of using fake numbers, and Facebook likes to prove that our organization is relevant.  We show and prove our relevance with actions of Integrity!


real success

What does fake, as opposed to real, success look like?

Sometimes, Twitter accounts are real people but have computer generated tweets…We may unfollow them as well Why? We are looking to connect with people online, not computers. Those type of accounts don’t interact and therefore are not real followers they are not interested in the people that follow them or the people they follow which is also automated by computer.

We want to be associated with Real People With Real Content that is Useful!

#RealTalk We don’t want to know that you left your keys on the counter at the

grocery store so you had to go get them but… 

it’s nice to know we’re not the only idiots that forget our keys when we’re having a hectic day!

We are a Professional Label with Professional Content but we do not indulge in the Politics of the Music Industry or common Nonprofit Groups. We don’t indulge in Pretending and being Politically Correct!

As you continue to follow us you will find that we do or don’t do many things that other large Record Label Don’t Do…

What we do, do is, Lead by Example. We Set Trends, We don’t follow the trends. Why?

Many times we choose not to follow trends because the most common trends are not positive in nature.   People don’t generally follow productive trends as with the #PayItForward Trend set by Oprah Winphrey.  That was something worth following! When we find that something is productive and profitable to all who are involved, count us in! We will definitely follow!

App 2 Success 

Most Social Trends are counter productive and not worth following.

For Example Many of the Trending Methods in the music industry is to trick people into buying bad music by distracting them with a pretty or half naked women on the cover or in the video. Or force you to listen to back to back song plays so the song grows on you by force instead of you actually liking the song.  They get people to like a song or two on the album to deceive them into thinking they will like the whole album. After consumers purchase the album they find out the rest of the songs are trash. These are the “so called” expert Grammy winners that people don’t second guess that use these deceptive tactics.

The music industry uses a lot of gimmicks to trick people into streaming music to get placed on Billboard Charts. Grammys and Billboard Charts are joke they don’t even use actual sales of albums for placement. We’ll save that conversation for another post, but you get the point. There is enough deception in corporate structures and we have no intention on being added in the numbers! Keep in mind this is not a Trick or Treat Record Label. You can count on us to get treats only. We are determine to Keep it Real!

£egendary Style “Never Ordinary Always Legendary” We’re not claiming to be better than the rest but we are most assuredly different! 



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