PreciousBre March 9, 2015


Real Raw Records Inc is a record label that places Extreme Emphasis on promoting Real Artist with Raw Naturally acquired talent.  People that were born with gifts, Real Raw Talent should take precedence above those that have learned knowledge of a craft. Why? Studies show and have proven that Born Leaders are the most effective in all fields and walks of life.

It is fair to provide schooling for those that were not born with musical or artist talent. It allows the opportunity for people to learn the market and business of art and entertainment. However, we believe that over the years leaders in the field of art have lost focus. The structured environment of art has replaced the free flowing nature of creativity.

Creativity is Spiritual!

Not to mistaken religious with spiritual which are two totaling difference aspects. The Spirit of Creativity is so complex that it is even difficult to explain exactly how it works. I am sure every real artist would agree it is hard to put into words the thought process of exactly how we come up with our works. Creativity in all forms is meant to be a form of education where the artist informs the world of his/her knowledge of an unrevealed subject. The word educate is derived from the latin word  educo, which means to draw from within.  Education in the field of arts has now become a createless pile of theory and spiritless rhetoric.  Schools of intellect were original purposed to stimulate true creativity but are now structured to attempt to reverse the process of creativity to be drawn from the outside in.  #Real Raw talents are more effective in expression because they are in sync with the laws of nature.