What we do at Real Raw Records

What we do at Real Raw Records 


What we do at Real Raw Records is unify artist to create an environment that is productive and beneficial to all involved. Our board is made up of ordinary artist with extraordinary talent and equally value legendary character. Each member contribute their gift/talent to the benefit of the organization as a whole. One hand washes the other. We composite these talents to construct a Legendary BranD, Products that Sell themselves, and Legacy that will last a lifetime.

Listen to “BEST ME IN U” Song from the Album KanD JamZ Written, Sang, Produced by KanD Johnson, Real Raw Records Artist

If you are an artist that want to advance in the art and entertainment industry we arm you with confidence first and foremost. To encourage that confidence we develop artist branding. We inform artist of the necessity to professionalize their talent with copyright protection, licensing, and a professional appearance. We also provide platforms to perfect or display your talent. As a Label we back you up with the support of Labels’ BranD endorsement and Artist Team Assistance.  What artist could ask for more?

Currently the Art an Entertainment Industry is set up to promote an “Every man for himself” Survival of the fittest mentality.  We are invoking change because this “crab in the bucket” mentality is destroying the enthusiasm of real artist, the quality of music and the economic environment as a whole.

We aim to equip artist with the essential resources and information to obtain economic freedom in their field of work.  The company was founded to set a New standard of integrity, preserve and increase the value placed on naturally acquired talent, provide opportunity, and a network of resources for those that otherwise could not provide for themselves.  Natural Artist add value to our the economy of music, art and entertainment and we place great emphasis on increasing the awareness of that fact!

ARTIST ADVANCES- We are strictly against gambling as a business practice and advances are considered as such.

We DONOT give advances. We consider advances as gambling and placing a wager on whether or not the artist is worth the investment.  As any other business operates each employee has to earn their wage some are paid more because they have a greater responsibility and are contributing more. That is Fair Business Practice and that is how we operate. We sincerely believe in the allegory “Even Exchange is No Robbery”.  We do not wait until the artist have done all the work then exploit their talent and hard work however, artist are expected to produce.

We record music, sell music, provide publishing and arrange opportunities for artist to display their talent via video and live performances.  We are organized to make a difference with our standard of integrity and business ethics and the structure as to which we go about performing these task.  We extend our label brand to artist in order to give them the edge they need to infiltrate the music industry.  We work closely with artist and network with other organizations to assist the artist in reaching their intended goals.  Artist are independent and have the freedom to operate outside the confines of our organization. We merely offer tools for success, inspiration, motivation, information, some structure, promotion, and a system of support! Our services include helping artist with information and assistance in obtaining copyrights, trademarks, patents, and other necessary paperwork needed to professionalize, and protect their works of art (intellectual property.)


Legendary is our BranD because Legendary is our Style, however,

Legendary™ is not just a BranD It’s a Legacy Lifestyle 

Our Motto “Never ordinary always Legendary!”

Legendary Is Real Raw Record Inc’s Trademark and BranD of  Music & Merchandise 
Legendary Designs, Creative Ideas, Music, Art originated by the Artist Team of Real Raw Records. It is the trademark of the organizations’ merchandise that will be sold to generate the revenue needed to fund business expenses and income needs for the operation of the organization. We have chosen Legendary as our trademark & BranD of music, art, and merchandise, because it is our measurement of quality and standards we uphold @RealRawRecordsInc