PreciousBre March 9, 2015

From Rags to Riches

Real Raw Records is known for it’s Real Talk and consulting.

We see the success of others but have you ever stopped to consider?

“4 The Money” (Remix) of Donna Summer’s “She Work Hard for Her Money”

Featuring Vocals by KanD Johnson, New Rock Sensation

From Rags to Riches – Have you ever wondered how or where it all begin?

People rave and idolize people who are famous and have reached some level of success.

The real Leaders are those who recognize the potential of someone who is not successful. Recognizing and believing in the hidden treasures the talent, the billion dollar ideas, and creative ability these people possess before the fame.

Real Raw Records Specializes in recognizing the treasure amongst the trash sort of speak.

Most Record Labels lye in wait for artist to make it big and have visible success before they even consider investing in them.

Most labels have to take the safe road because in general they don’t possess the ability to create or recognize a potentially successful artist. They know how to take something and add to it, then take credit for the success in totality. This form of investing is similar to a vulture that lay in wait for their prey.

Real Raw Records’ corporate structure is designed as a Samaritan Model. We seek to help those artist who are very dedicated to their craft, but are struggling. We help those who are doing all they can to help themselves but need support. We believe in artist before they reach the level of success they deserve.

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The End of the Era of Those like Ahmed that knew talent in it’s rawest state!
This is the Official End of Atlantic Records now it’s just a shell without the guts!

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