KanD Johnson October 17, 2018


Is this a permanent or temporary infraction?

I was enjoying my evening scroll through the comments after watching a video about Katt Williams the Comedy King, and all of a sudden I scrolled up on an error message 503.

I said to myself damn they finally blocked me for my smartass comments on TMZ channel.

I became curious when I scrolled thru my phone and some videos appeared.

I knew that if my channel was blocked I should not have had access to anything. I began my search for the source of the problem. The error message given didn’t say my channel KanD Johnson didnt have a message stating this channel is unavailable.

The message read error 503 RETRY.

This lead me to believe this is a system error. I thought perhaps if I reboot it will correct the connection problems. Still no palse. I checked for vital signs. Still no palse and the small faint heart beat had vanished.

I could no longer view anything on YouTube. 😯

I scurried to see if I could run a bipass and get some answers from Google bloggers and ran into a dead end.

“1032 Pimp Down”

This is a Temporary problem due to corporate pissing contest and ego gorilla chest beating. The consumers are stuck in the middle like a child during a petty divorce dispute.

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