PreciousBre August 31, 2015

What is Proper Management?

Article Written By Brettisha Jiles – Writer Creative Team Via Real Raw Records

Management in business and organizations is the function that coordinates the efforts of people to accomplish goal and objective by using available resources efficiently and effectively.  In order to properly manage this requires leaders to treat employee with respect.  Respecting people in general is a beneficial characteristic in life but it is a very useful mindset in business. Respect is necessary to fully understand that no matter what position in the company an employee holds, they all are important to collaborate the efforts for over all success of the company.  ProfessionalsManagement action shouldn’t make there employee feel that their opinion doesn’t matter especially if it could help achieve the over all goal that is set in place. For example a janitor could give a suggestion to place a rug at the entrance because he/she noticed the floor was very slippery when dry and people entering or exiting almost falling and hurting themselves. If the management ignores this suggestion it could result in someone being harmed and the company being sued for liability.


Communication is Important for Proper Management

Communicate with your team. As a manager, it is up to you to schedule a meeting to discuss  what kind of expectation is required of them. Your team are not mind readers.  They won’t be able to know what you want out of them until you tell them. In conjunction to communicating expectations, make sure your expectations are realistic. If you expect them travel to the moon without a way there, then you’re being unrealistic. Strictly BusinessRealistic and high expectations should coexist. Once you have communicated to your team what you expect from them, trust them to do it. Some bosses are guilty of delegating a task to their employees and then come and take over and perform the task given. This communicates to the worker, you do not have confidence in them to do the job. Many managers or business owners do this because they enjoy hogging credit for doing everything. Common bragging rights “I do everything”  “Do I have to do everything around here”

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