PreciousBre December 25, 2017

Product Review:

Product: Ball Point Pen 

   Why would we care enough to write a digital review about pens. We are writers and we still use a lot of pens and good old fashioned paper.

We are green conscious so we purchase recycled paper. 

“The only down side to making use of recycled paper is they have a waxy build up which collects on the pen point. The wax makes it seem like the pen is out of ink.”

Many expensive pens won’t work or stop working shortly after use. 

We tried a BIC Gelocity Didn’t last a day. Picked up a random pen handed off from a Hotel. The pen glided across the pages effort lessly. It wrote so well I stopped writing to find who made the pen. 

The Logo was hidden in a very inconspicuous glare that is  clearer to see in the light. So I focused to get the name and clearer to see was written (Spain Made). Searched and found there are many script accessory vendors in Spain. 

Typing in the name Prodir was the only way we could have found them because Google is flooded with paid for, irrelevant ads. Not detoured by Google’s foolishness we deciphered the name.

Product Review Prodir Pens

Product Review Prodir Pens
Prodir Premium Pens

Product  Recommendations 

All writers for any reason should invest in these pens in bulk.

Buy in bulk 

We definitely take pride in putting our brand on a bundle. 

Prodir make Legendary style premium professional pens.

We put our name on it.


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