Poem: If God Could Complain

Poem ▶ If God Could Complain

Why do you have so much anger and hate? Did I not love you enough ? I have forgiven you of every sin you made and will make. Why all the lies and the deceit? Did I not speak truth and taught the truth of my words? Oh Ye of so Little faith! You gave up hope as the boat started to rock.

Little Miss Sunshine - Song PicWhere have your faith in me gone?  When the storm came you cursed my very existence. Was my love not enough for you? You wouldn’t believe me when I said,  “I would carry you”.  Through the hard times I will give you the strength you need to do what you need to do. All I asked from you, was have faith in me! Was that too much to ask?  My love wasn’t real enough for you.  You chose to hate your brothers and sisters that you have seen.  You continue to use my word to tire them down and instead of lifting them up. You choose to declare war with those that are different from you. Have you forgotten that all of you are my children?!!! Why? How could you? How can you speak my word and teach my word and not speak of REAL love. I have coated my word with love because I am love. WHERE HAVE I GONE WRONG?

Signed Disappointed Father

Poem “If God could complain” Written by Brettisha Jiles

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