KanD Johnson June 15, 2018

How to build a stable career as a telemarketer!

Start with One Phone Call

Kick your career up a notch and invest your time in a product or service that sells itself.

How many commission based jobs have you worked on that resembles this senario?

✔ You are excited to get started and learn the business…

✔ You agreed to take initiative and generate leads…

✔ You can honestly see some value in selling the product…

✔ You agreed to the terms of revenue based compensation but…

? Only to find out…

? The product is good but the system is shady.

? Your sales are often accidentally miscalculated and doesn’t get noticed unless you catch the error…

? You work for a company for years believing in that product and organization’s mission, then mismanagement at the top caused the corporation to tank, into massive layoffs, downsizing, mergers, or closing down.

Now you are back in the sea of sharks and big fish. You want to find a big fish and dodge the sharks.

Your goal is to replace that good work environment you enjoyed….

You have stumbled upon

An Opportunity of A LifeTime

Phone Promoter, Telemarketing, fundraising, remote, part-time, full time, flexible, stable, Learn while you earn positions.

Record Label

Advertising, telemarketing, promotions, public relations, and sales managers coordinate their companies’ market research.

Phone promoters

Marketing sales experience in advertising, promotion, service sales, and public relations activities.

Acquisition Development of Fundraising Events.

12 Flexible and Stable Phone Promoters Positions


Responsibilities contact distributors, or consumers-promotions programs

Phone Promoters are volunteer agents who contact potential clients to inform them about available products and services.

Common job titles for telemarketers are Direct Sales Representative, Lead Generation, Telephone Data Collector, Appointment Setter, Telesales, or Inside Sales.

Our Charity is seeking Volunteer Phone Promoters to train for paid positions. Phone Promotion is an on the job experience. Which carries with it an opportunity for career advancement to Acquisitions Developer and serve as a Board member of our organization.

Board Positions are performance based.

There are many great opportunities here for contract, independent, part-time and full-time positions.

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“Too good to be true”

Is a cliche by the merit of it’s popular truth.

“There are always exceptions to the rules of thumb”

Explanation expressed by an example of an associate statement of parrallel truth.

Example: not all lawyers are crooks some really want to see justice in action.

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