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PreciousBre May 21, 2015

Thank You Lord Quotes by KanD ” You Dont have to be Religious to Be Thankful ”  Thank You Lord is about having an attitude of gratitude  Oh Lord you been, you been o w ow…ow so dog on good And I just want to say thank you Lord Aint nobody like ya You been, […]

PreciousBre May 12, 2015

The Cinderella Foot Surgery New Trend in Cosmetic Surgery The bed time story of Cinderella would seem to be the source of many women’s association of shoes and finding their Prince Charming.  Woman spent countless hours trying look glamorous from head to toe. Beginning their preparation with what shoes to wear. Of course beauty is […]

PreciousBre May 7, 2015

Here are 10 Most Used Twitter Hashtags We have taken the time to provide our followers with a listed of our most used Twitter Hashtags. If you want to be in on the #LegendaryMovement of #RealRawRecords you can join our Team Followback using these #Hashtags. Setting Trends not following them is #£egendaryMovement “Never Ordinary £egendary” […]

PreciousBre April 30, 2015

Board Positions Available  Board of Directors Job Description The Board will support the work of Real Raw Records Inc and provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance. While day-to-day operations are led by Real Raw Records Inc’s chief executive officer (CEO) Terise (KanD) Johnson, the Board-CEO relationship is a partnership, and the appropriate involvement of the […]

PreciousBre April 29, 2015

Who do you want to listen to your music? If your answer is everyone… That is where your first mistake is… Truth is Everybody Can’t And Won’t Like Your Music People have different taste in music, and some don’t listen to music at all. However, those people who don’t listen to music do when they watch […]

PreciousBre March 9, 2015

Find out What Social Media Experts and SEO EXPERTS Won’t Tell You? Well the Secret is out because We are exposing it here. Alot of these people are White Collar Criminals Operating on a thin line of violating Federal Laws of Soliciting? Some are incognito Hackers Preying on Innocent Victims. Did you know that you […]

PreciousBre March 9, 2015

I brought a fancy Stainless Steel Microwave one of the small features of the microwave is When it is done it will beep to let you know your food is Ready or in my case hot water for instant coffee lol. But non the less it continues to Beeps if you don’t retrieve your food. […]

PreciousBre March 9, 2015

Selfish pursuit of Success You would be surprised to know that your attitude is a very critical ingredients in your accomplishments or lack of. The “Every man for himself” attitude is the very thing that is keeping you from the very thing you want?  Take your collaboration further than just recording a song together. Network on […]

PreciousBre March 9, 2015

Real Raw Records is the 1st Nonprofit Record Label orchestrated to Make Dreams a Reality! We are here for the people who really need our help and have been outcast by the industry and overlooked by the media and public at large. We have chosen the road less traveled. Are you looking for a worthy […]

PreciousBre March 9, 2015

Back to the Basics “Collectively we need to go back to the beginning” Gimmick and tricks will backfire! The beginning is a time where people matter most. Living, breathing people who have emotions and feelings and sentiments.” Quote by KanD Johnson #QuotesByKanD #LegendaryMovement