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PreciousBre December 28, 2015

Volunteers Needed This is an Opportunity to Show New Jersey Cares. Calling All Volunteers! We are a newly formed Nonprofit Record Label located in Morris County New Jersey. The purpose of our organization is to provide economic resources to the under privileged residents of New Jersey. However, there are many tasked needed to be done […]

PreciousBre December 28, 2015

Music is Magic Expo Coming Up Soon Real Raw Records‬ and Pass The Torch Foundation has Teamed Up and will be Hosting an Exciting Event. The Purpose of the Music Is Magic Expo is to join the Efforts of Nonprofit Organization, Local Businesses, and Community Activist to Collaborate & Maximize Efforts to Meets the Needs of […]

PreciousBre December 24, 2015

Donate Musical Instruments  Real Raw Records is the 1st nonprofit Record Label in the Music Industry as well as the nonprofit sector. Our goal is to teach artist the value of their talent. We are in the process of purchasing a building, in which we plan to host informative meetings for talent enhancement, accessible to less […]

PreciousBre November 30, 2015

Are you a Go-Getter? Qualities of a Go-Getters 1. They have dreams and aspirations. Ticking goals off of a list is meaningless if one is not enjoying the process. However, so long as one is appreciating one’s journey, goals and dreams can serve as lanterns upon the horizon, guiding us in a direction that is in […]

PreciousBre November 8, 2015

“Bag Lady” Damn my bags are so heavy! Why are my bags so heavy? Why are there so many bags? When did I become the bag lady?  All these bags, Tommy Hilfiger to Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, all I collected was trash. That would explain why my bags are so heavy. Why are there so […]

PreciousBre November 3, 2015

Real Raw Records – Youtube There are some people who have been using our company name on Youtube… We are working to have this issue rectified. In the mean time we are trying to make sure people aware of it. Click On the Picture Below to View Real Raw Records Official Youtube Channel Subscribe to […]

PreciousBre October 27, 2015

New Trend: Public Ranting  Public ranting is a new trend. Everyone is clinging to the idea of having the freedom to give people “a piece of their mind”.  No more bottling up feelings of being suppressed by others. I Feel U, having the desire to be heard and understood. There is an innate nature within […]

PreciousBre October 27, 2015

Media Madness Brought to you by Precious Productions Hey my name is media. I am the one you blame everything on. I am the reason why your children are the way they are. Misbehaving and out of control. I’m the reason why society is crumbling to waste. To you I am an outside force you […]

PreciousBre October 19, 2015

  MissInfamousJiles19 . to bretttishatousanat87 1 day ago Details You Are More Than a NUMBER! Research says…! Diagnostic says….! Assessment says….! Sastictis say…! The absolute truth is, they really don’t say anything but all there is to see numbers. Last time I checked. We are more than a composite of numbers on an analysis’s spread sheet. […]

PreciousBre October 6, 2015

Characteristics of a Golden Opportunity People are always ready to jump on the bandwagon when dreams have materialized and the money is rolling in. The people who go down in history though, are those who believed in it enough to get it to that point of realization. Those who recognize the Gold in an opportunity. People […]