PreciousBre March 9, 2015
About Legendary Brand

REAL RAW RECORDS Is Setting The New Standard For Record Labels

Integrity Sells & Legendary Music is Magic!

Real Raw Records Inc  is setting the New Standard for Record Labels. Real Raw Records is a record label that focuses on preserving and increasing the economic and industry value of naturally acquired talent. We are a nonprofit record label which does not mean we don’t make money.  All businesses are designed to make money. We have chosen this form of organization because we are not organized to “just make money”.  We were founded to increase the value placed in the product (the artist). With any form of business the merchandise that is sold and the employees that sell the merchandise are the most valuable assets in that company.  No company can exist or grow if they handle their merchandise or employees any kind of way.  A record label sells artist talent, therefore their product is the artists’ talent and should be handled with care.

The majority of Labels choose artist that lack talent and then manipulate advertising, recording, and performances to make them appear as artist.  The inside feat is their performers know that without the labels’ added bling they would not be where they are so they accept and compromise their dignity to keep the money, and fame that has been handed to them for a price.  They understand that there is a price they have to pay to hold their place or position in the industry.  Labels have specifically chosen to go this route in choosing artist to represent because Real Artist are many times arrogant, stubborn and unwilling to compromise.

Legendary Music is Magic! 

Real Raw Records Stamp of Approval

Legendary character, quality and integrity based ethics is our gage for governance and how we set the standard.  Legendary is our brand of music and merchandise but for us Legendary is not just a brand it’s a Legacy Lifestyle.  We sincerely believe that there is a defined line between an artist that gets an album played or Billboard Recognition and a Legendary Artist that deserves more plays and recognition. We are categorized as a nonprofit corporation simply because our organization is designed to actually help artist succeed and not exploit their talent for money!


We represent and promote real artist with raw natural talent that create

“Music from the Soul…For the Soul”

We sincerely believe Legendary Music is Magic!