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Show Title: “Music is magic on air”


Hosted By KanD Johnson CEO of Real Raw Records

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Lyrics By Legendary KanD Johnson

Official Music is Magic© – Song Lyrics

Create a vivid picture with a nice song
and a jazzy beat
It’s Magical
and it’s so sweet
Oh music is magic
Poof there you go Just like a Jeanie in a Bottle 
I tell you music is magic


Every body aught to know
Music is Magic
Just like a Jeanie in a bottle
Music is Magic
Abracadabra, Abracadabra, Abracabra

I’m the only KanD wit a Capital D
The D stands for Diva
Real Stand for Me
I’ll explode if you try to mishandle me
I’m like TNT
I wreck shop like Mahhumad Ali
Move like a butterfly sting like a bee
I ain’t gotta sell sex cause I got skills
listen up and Imma give you the deal
I got lyrics so fly and beats so smooth
Dig dis? This tha KanD Groove
I tell you music is magic


Pourin them words on the MIC like fluid
Don Dada Diva cause that’s how I do it
I’m so cold wit it
I come up wit hit songs a minute

Drop a beat and I’m put somethin on it
Showing out I got a gift and I’mma flaunt it

I tell ya Music is Magic
Just like a Jeanie in a bottle
Music is Magic

Lyrics are not identical to record because some lyrics are filler chorus or round abouts


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