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Music is Magic – Theme Song & Lyrics 

Real Raw Records is a charity record label. “Music Is Magic” our Official Mantra and Theme Song.

Our Mission “We create music from the soul for the soul”

(First Cut)

Official Music is Magic Jingle (1st Cut)

Music Is Magic On Air

Live Streaming Program

Hosted By KanD Johnson CEO of Real Raw Records

A Video Chronology of Music Is Magic Theme Song

Licensed and Copyright Protect Lyrics
Lyrics By KanD

Music is Magic Song Lyrics

Music is Magic ©
Create a vivid picture with a nice song
and a jazzy beat
It’s Magical
and it’s so sweet
Oh music is magic
Poof there you go Just like a Jeanie in a Bottle 
I tell you music is magic


Every body aught to know
Music is Magic
Just like a Jeanie in a bottle
Music is Magic
Abracadabra, Abracadabra, Abracabra

I’m the only KanD wit a Capital D
The D stands for Diva
Real Stand for Me
I’ll explode if you try to mishandle me
I’m like TNT
I wreck shop like Mahhumad Ali
Move like a butterfly sting like a bee
I ain’t gotta sell sex cause I got skills
listen up and Imma give you the deal
I got lyrics so fly and beats so smooth
Dig dis? This tha KanD Groove
I tell you music is magic


Pourin them words on the MIC like fluid
Don Dada Diva cause that’s how I do it
I’m so cold wit it
I come up wit hit songs a minute

Drop a beat and I’m put somethin on it
Showing out I got a gift and I’mma flaunt it

I tell ya Music is Magic
Just like a Jeanie in a bottle
Music is Magic

Lyrics are not identical to record because some lyrics are filler chorus or round abouts



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