Music is Magic Meetings

Music is Magic Meetings 

Artist Support Group

Music is Magic Meetings are Real Raw Records Incs’ visionary platform to create a system of support for artist around the nation.

Our mission begins in the City of Morristown, New Jersey.  Music is Magic Meetings are orchestrated to provide a breeding ground of motivation, inspiration, and a nucleus for sharing and gathering useful information for personal and vocational development.  The purpose of the groups are to provide a system of support and a breeding ground for motivation inspiration and a platform for perfecting our craft.

We sincerely believe Music is Magic and the entire structure of our organization is built upon the factual theory that “Music is Magical”.  We encourage the use of natural gifts and talent as means of relieving stress, financial gain, mental, emotional, and economic wholeness.

Scientist have proven that music is therapeutic in nature, as well it is also a proven fact that music has the ability make learning easier.

We use music to simplify and relay complex concepts of business and relational knowledge.


In all walks of life people experience situations or circumstances that they view as a “problem” We believe it is safe to say that everyone or anyone is capable of identifying a problem. A newborn child will relate it’s problems of not having enough to eat, needing the attention of it’s parents or needing to be rid of waste by belting out a cry of discomfort,

[cryout-pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”33%”][/cryout-pullquote]Problem who benefits from the solution?

Problem:  Who benefits from the solution?

alerting anyone who will cater to his/her needs that, he/she has identified a problem. The parents of that child have a genuine desire to solve the impending problem. They race to aid of the child and scurry around with  haste to identify and remedy the problem with a solution. Especially if the cry is at night and it would benefit them to solve the problem with haste so they can get some sleep. lol

This example of meeting a need was used because it shows how certain types of relationships, circumstances, situations or groups of people can impose their problems or needs and it is up to us if we respond or how we response.   However, when it affects us personally we are more apt to respond with a reasonable solution that will benefit all who are involved.

Music Makes a Happy Baby
Music Makes a Happy Baby!


We specialize in solutions, therefore we love problems at Real Raw Records Inc because we view problems as an indicator that our services are needed.   Music is Magic Meetings are designed to identify problems and provide solutions!

Music is Magic 

#Meeting of the Master Minds Seminars

Meeting of the Master Minds Seminars are specifically for members of our organization that are extremely serious about reaching there destiny.  Secrets to Success are shared that are exclusive to membership. 

Real Raw Records Inc. Record and Promote Real Artist with Raw Natural Talent that create

“Music from the Soul…For the Soul”

Legendary “Music is Magic”