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Real Raw Records is a Nonprofit Record Label which means we are an organization designed to help those who are less fortunate. Truth is our organization is newly founded and we have just received our 501c3 tax exempt status, months ago. We have accomplish a substantial amount of progress with very little revenue. We are very frugal and we maximize our efforts and finances with well thought out plans of action. Integrity is the foundation of our existence and will be the maintaining factor of our continued success.

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Truth is, no matter how big our hearts are we need money to help others. Realistically, we are in a world and an industry that requires a great deal of money, just for operational expenses. Although the expenses are normally great, to operate a company of this magnitude we have designed a strategic method for becoming self sufficient. The Music is Magic Initiative, is a fundraising Initiative orchestrated to evolve from a series of events to a stable and functioning mechanism of financial resources. Believe it or not, although we are in the nonprofit sector we are in competition with other nonprofits who pose as nonprofits but are profit oriented in nature. We also have to be careful of the for profit industry related companies, who are very angered by what we represent to them. Although we do not wish to compete with either, and we would take great pleasure in joining forces with other organizations, that has not been our experience. Other companies have stolen our ideas, employees, and artist that we have groomed, with their big influence. We now understand the only remedy to this issue is to reserve ideas to select contributors. Also we must become more Socially Stable and Financially Equipped to Compete.

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Our Current Primary Goal is to obtain a Centralized Location with enough space to facilitate a large state of the art studio and indoor Performance Center. Once we have obtained the performance center, we will host our first MUSIC IS MAGIC CONCERT, to Display up and coming artist…

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The Music is Magic Initiative #MIMI is a vehicle for raising capitol and raising awareness of our organization’s existence.  It consist of a series of events and a composite of programs purposed to create a platform for clients to perfect their craft and display their talent.

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People underestimate the power and the Need for a Team, to reaching goals! The Music Industry is a field of an economic nature that requires a LARGE SUPPORT System for Ultimate Success. The Music is Magic Program Objective is to help artist identify and perfect their craft and become more productive in our society using their natural skills. We will teach artist the power of collaborative efforts as oppose to the current “Every man for himself Mentality”. We are organized to provide services and support to artist with good character and talent that deserve the platform and opportunity but are not financially equipped to obtain themselves.  We promote artist who deserves public support.  You can be a part of history in the making, contribute to this great movement.

Donate of 100.00 today and we will send you a Gift of a Hand Written Autographed (By Kand Johnson) Music is Magic T-Shirt or a Real Raw Records History in the Making T-Shirt in appreciation for you support!

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