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You Are More Than a NUMBER!

Research says…! Diagnostic says….! Assessment says….! Sastictis say…!

The absolute truth is, they really don’t say anything but all there is to see numbers. Last time I checked. We are more than a composite of numbers on an analysis’s spread sheet. Before you judge me, sit down, shut up and listen to what I have to say because this concerns you and your loved ones as well. We as humans are similar in many aspects but significantly different in individuality.  The people in charge of large firms and corporations that affect the little things in our everyday life are making many horrifying decisions that will only be realized once it is too late to reverse those decisions.  These decisions are being made based on NUMBERS many times inflated, altered, or guesstimated NUMBERS. Do you realize the dangers of making decisions based on data that is inaccurate? The results can be overwhelming and irreversible.


Humans are different for a reason that science cannot account for. Yet they trudge on in their experiments to strive towards making zoombies out of human beings to minimize the needs and maximize the greed. Our individuality contributes to a healthy over all environment in the same capacity as the ECO SYSTEM. Our contribution to the world we know is just as important. You may wonder how an individual’s personality and perspective affects the world we live in. Here’s just a small simple way that proves the importance of creative individuality.

Well over forty years ago messages had to be sent via paper by way of courier, until an individual created the phonograph and morris code, later another individual created the telephone, later some one created the phone booth.  In recent past history the beepers were effective mobile communication until an individual designed the cellular phone. Sure there are some details I missed but the point remains the same the individual ideas and creativity of individuals that advances our communication devices. It is the same individuality that advances every other aspect of our daily living. The corporations are trying to make humans less unique so they create a more CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT. Those who don’t fit their criteria will be strategically eliminated. One by one but such large numbers it will cause an unbalance on the planet.

Though me and the person next to me may have similar view doesn’t mean we see them the same way. Don’t just group us to gather just cuz you feel like it.
So, I say to you don’t pull out your 9 to shoot of the numbers to your research, diagnostic, assessment,and statistic because we are more than a number!!!

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