PreciousBre March 15, 2016

New Jersey Cares Volunteer Fundraiser Needed for Charity Record Label

Opportunity to get involved with your community!

A formal Committee is currently being formed to meet the economic needs of Morris County, residents. Meetings will be held in various locations within the county. Date, time, and locations will be announced via our website, and

The “MUSIC IS MAGIC INITIATIVE” is Real Raw Records, visionary vehicle to providing programs that will benefit the community in various areas of economic interest. Our programs are designed to create at least 5,000 jobs, increase community based patronization of businesses, and stimulate and strengthen community relations.

DanielWe have a special technique, which utilizes music to convey complex information, knowledge, and business concepts. We are seeking sincere people that care about the economic condition enough to take action. Those who would like to contribute to a worthy cause are encouraged to get involved. Those interest in volunteering as Board and Committee Leaders will be responsible to organize and facilitate programs. We ask that all individuals, organizations, businesses, and congregations to help in this community outreach effort. In the meetings we will address specific needs, provide information, and allocate solutions. We will disclose our intentions of meeting the needs of the community of New Jersey. In the meetings we will outline opportunity for you to contribute and get involved. Committees will be categorized according to general focus agendas.

Some of the areas where volunteers are needed are:

  • Volunteer Recruiter
  • Fundraiser
  • Secretarial – Data Entry Clerk
  • Event Planner – Networking
  • Acquisition & Development – B2B Relations & Grant writer
  • Public Relations – Advertising
  • Stage – Sound Engineer
  • Videographer – Photography
  • Accounting – Book keeping for Nonprofit

Musical talent is not needed for most of the operations of a record label. Get in where you fit in. Join our teams of creative leaders. All that is needed is a heart to serve and a vision to see the people of the community unified for the benefit of the whole. Be a part of history in the making. Be the change you want to see and a positive contributor to our society economic state. If you are interested in volunteering or would like additional information, please call 518-732-5729

We are a newly formed Nonprofit Record Label located in Morris County New Jersey. The purpose of our organization is to provide economic resources to the under privileged residents of New Jersey. We are working towards creating 5,000 paying jobs, however there are many task that need to be performed in order to accomplish that goal.

We are currently in the process of raising the finances needed to purchase a large enough facility to house a State of the Art Recording Studio, Dance Studio, and Performance Center! We are hosting a fundraising event and are in need of willing people who understand the purpose of organization. We need people who care about the success of the organization for the benefit of all involved.


STEP 2: CALL US 518-732-5729