PreciousBre August 7, 2017

747 Realm Radio Station

Real Entertainment Artist £egendary™ Music

Radio Station COMING SOON!

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 “Music from the Soul…For the Soul”


We are currently working on building the programing for our Radio Station.

 Now That's DownRight Funky Music

New Music Mp3 Download 1.00 Donation Per Song

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  1. KanD JamZ$ DOWNLOAD
  2. Slow Down$1.00 DOWNLOAD
  3. It Must Be Nice$1.00 DOWNLOAD
  4. Sex Is Beautiful$1.00 DOWNLOAD
  5. I Feel U$1.00 DOWNLOAD
  7. 4 The Money$1.00 DOWNLOAD
  8. Addicted$1.00 DOWNLOAD
  9. Rhythm Real High$1.00 DOWNLOAD
  10. Love Connection$ DOWNLOAD
  11. Provocative Praise$1.00 DOWNLOAD
  12. Shower Down$1.00 DOWNLOAD
  13. Cain’t Beatum Givin$1.00 DOWNLOAD

Dj Coming Up

  • Enter the REALmMonday, 7:00 pm-12:00 am


If you are a DJ and you are interested in

hosting your own segment

 We are offering time slots for custom programming

Much More to Come…And Very Soon!!!

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