Licensed Publisher – Record Label

Licensed Publisher – Record Label

Real Raw Records, New Jersey record label, is a Licensed Publisher With ASCAP allowing us the legal authority to publish artist copyright protected works/ music royalties.

Artist be aware the law does not require licensing, therefore someone can represent themselves as having a Record Label or any other type of artist representation company unlicensed.

There are many undocumented but listed online.  The freedom to start companies online is an awesome thing but one of the downfalls for consumers is the fact that many are not legal and are operating online because they can get away with not having any legal documentation.

The best practice for embarking upon a career or purchase is due diligent and necessary research to protect yourself and to get the best deal you can. Although we are not required to have certain paperwork we do because we are a professional legal organization. All of our documents can be checked and verify through their sources. We are state approved corporation in the state of New Jersey, federally approved 501c3 Charity with the I.R.S. and Licensed Publisher with ASCAP.


Licensed Publisher