PreciousBre August 30, 2015

Legendary Love Comes Natural

I was scrolling through post on my news feed on Facebook   I wasn’t expecting to scroll up on Legendary Love in action. Legendary is Never Ordinary but always extraordinary. Facebook and most social media sources are filled with chaos and destruction. But every now and then you find hope. Every now and then you find the purest form of Love expressed and it’s a universal love that transcend all. That is Legendary Love and it comes naturally as nature intended!


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No words

My train ride home

As I board the train on 34th Street this evening, I noticed a woman with a young child getting on in front of me. Once on board the woman, probably the grandmother, takes the child’s hand and places it on the pole next to us. The child is obedient, does not fuss ,and holds the pole firmly, standing upright and strong. However it is not long before her eyes betray her. She is very sleepy.

Legendary Love

I then watch as a seated woman reaches her arms out for the child, and the child walks to her. The grandmother says nothing. The child says nothing. The seated woman says nothing. The seated woman places the child on her lap, guides her head to her chest, and begins to tap the little girls thigh. The cradled child falls asleep in seconds as she is held as only a mother holds a child. I watch and I feel goosebumps Surfacing my skin as I witness this act of maternal kindness.

The child sleeps peacefully until it is their stop. I’m happy it’s my stop too, because watching them brings me so much joy. The grandmother looks down, gently touches the seated ladies arm, and smiles. The seated lady looks up, smiles, and gives the grandmother a suttle nod. The grandmother takes the child’s hand and guides her out of the train doors. Again, no words uttered.

In my mind I thank them for this experience, but I too must remain silent. I walk home smiling, almost floating, with a light heart….






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