PreciousBre October 6, 2015

Characteristics of a Golden Opportunity
People are always ready to jump on the bandwagon when dreams have materialized and the money is rolling in. The people who go down in history though, are those who believed in it enough to get it to that point of realization. Those who recognize the Gold in an opportunity. People with vision and foresight see Golden Opportunity in what appears to others to be nothingness. Missed Opportunity is nothing more than arrogance at it’s finest. What does arrogance have to do with missing opportunity? Arrogance is a state of mind that thinks things are beneath us to indulge in. When a person looks down upon an idea as being not worthy of your time, concern, or the effort is an air of arrogance. The arrogant nature of the industry aims to prove that they can replace natural talent with sex objects and make more money selling sex and prop it with a form of music. The arrogant nature of man to reduce people into conforming to thinking their bodies are worth more than their minds. This type of business practice is driven by the arrogance of an ego driven mentality.

What make us different from other labels you ask? Our organization is developed and ran by REAL ARTIST. We are not owned by a bunch of stuffy corporate men who are talentless pimps. We don’t treat people like statistics and numbers. We are extremely knowledgable of how to market talent as oppose to sex. We understand the importance of music, art and entertainment in the culture of humanity. We understand business from the perspective of integrity and ethical business practice. We don’t treat artist like a Slave Trade Plantation or Legal Prostitution Ring. We understand the process of creating good music and the knowledge taking short cuts in that process deteriate the value of the end product! We are fair, therefore we don’t feel it’s fair for people to get promotion and recognition based on good looks in an industry that should be based on skill, creativity, and talent. We realize we are a record label and not a political campaign for social status.

Ask yourself…What do you know know about other labels?

What are the affects of the business decision made by leading record labels?

How does that affect you?

What affect will that have on the future?


About Us Real Raw RecordsReal Raw Records Inc is orchestrated from humble begins of hope. The creativity of artist are a necessity in our society and many give their whole heart, souls, mind and body to the unselfish contribution of their talents to lift others. We have hope to inspire and motivate and help you through your day and contribute to the special moments in your life.

You pay for art and music because you love it and “even exchange is no robbery” we create art and music because we love it! We are currently building a program for artist and their fans to make money! Stay Tuned

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