Get Copyrights For Your Song

Get Copyrights For Your Song/s 

Protect your Intellectual Property. It’s too valuable to leave unprotected!

One song can bring you wealth for the rest of your life. You need to get the legal proof of ownership of your music before you post it anywhere online. People sometimes think posting it to Youtube is a way of proving ownership but think about it, lots of people post other people’s music, art, and video footage on Youtube. Does that make it theirs? Truth is, if you do not have copyrights to prove ownership your creation is up for grabs too. I know, I know some know-it-all told you to mail it to yourself and that would be proof in case you have to take legal action. Honestly, it could help, however in order to do business and earn money with legal companies with integrity they require you to provide legal ownership, copyrights to your work.  “I want to stress companies with integrity!”  I wanted to emphasize companies of integrity because some companies are legal but not people of integrity. They have lawyers that tell them what they can do that is legal but unethical. They scheme on ways to get you to willingly give them the rights to your music. Songs are extremely valuable and they know it, they are hoping you don’t know so they can take advantage of your naivety.

One tactic dishonest companies use to trick artist into signing there rights over is contest. These companies solicit artist to enter into songwriting contest. Another gimmick is radio play, they will tell artist enter your music for a CHANCE to get your song played on radio.  Legally they are protected for law suits simply because of two factors, one you willing submitted it and it’s your responsibility to have copyrights, and two they used the word (CHANCE) which means they have no legal responsibility to air your song. Some contest are legitimate and companies use contest to find talent, but a good way to tell the difference is when they require applicants to provide copyrights.

If they don’t require copyrights beware!!!

I personally wouldn’t submit a song into a contest at all because most contest are a clever way of getting people’s music, with the owners permission. Many of these companies have no intentions of selecting a winner and if they do the prize is nothing in comparison to the value of your song! When I first submitted my songs to get copyrights I received a letter soliciting me to submit my music into a contest to possibly win $500.00 – $1000.00. It made me so angry to see that a big record company was trying to get my music for crumbs knowing they could make billions of dollars. Yes I said billions not millions. Even if they could only get millions of dollars for one song the least they could have offered was $10,000.00 but $1000.00 is a complete rip-off! Do you agree?

Your creative ideas are technically referred to as Intellectual Property. We buy insurance for our cars and homes and other property because they are valuable to us. Songs are extremely valuable and copyrights are your insurance!

Share this page with other artist in your circles this can help them to become aware of the business of creativity and prevent them from the heart-ache. Copyrights do not prevent your work from being stolen but it does give you the legal right to take action!