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Real Raw Records is the 1st Charity Record Label in the History of the Music Industry, our main purpose is to create jobs. We offer opportunity for people living in poverty to acquire training, support, and resources necessary to acquire jobs and build careers. Our focus is to improve the quality of life for those, who without our help lose hope for a better future for their families.

Our primary goal is to create jobs and offer opportunity for people living in poverty to make their dreams a reality. We preserve art by raising awareness of the value of creativity in the work place. Our charitable purpose is to build the community.

We are a newly formed charity organization. We are in need of a large building to facilitate our services to the community. If you or some one you know has a property that is vacant please contact us.


We were organized to create jobs, however we have encountered some issues with growth because when people see or hear the words “record label” they automatically think we have tons of money which is why we have been unsuccessful in attracting volunteer help or donations. We need the help of the community. Another issue with the mention of a record label is the wide-spread misconception and assumption that we only help singers and musicians. We are the First Charity Record Label in History. Ordinarily, record labels promote and exploit talent for profits. However, we were granted a nonprofit status by the federal government, because our organization is orchestrated to provide a practical and substantial solution to unemployment and poverty. It is a common misconception that record labels only present opportunities of success for singers and musicians. Truth is, the success of selling art and music is completely dependent upon a composite of a large variety of non-music related task that must be performed before artists ever reach the stage. Behind the scenes is where the magic happens. We are a grassroots organization and are operating under little to no budget. WE NEED WILLING HANDS and minds with one purpose. Due to the intricate workings of a recording company, one corporation can easily create employment opportunity for thousands of people. But we need to get established to position our selves to afford paid staff. Specifically, our organization’s business structure, present a need for at least 120 people for it’s basic minimum functionality. Our plans for growth will create at least 5,000 job opportunities in the state of New Jersey alone.
We are a fairly new organization and are in the process of building our board of directors and Program Committees. We are also in need of a building (operating facility).


We are reaching out to you in hopes of connecting with someone who may understand our struggles and perhaps have some suggestions of ways we may be able to remedy these issues. WE ARE IN GREAT NEED OF A Large Operating Facility. Obtaining a large enough building will help us to actualize our business plan to become self sustainable.

Do you have a concern for people with out work, but the scope of your company does not have the capacity to employ more people? If so you can still make a smaller but significant contribution to a practical solution. Invest in your community. Real Raw Records is a federally approved 501c3 charity (DLN: 17053023323005). All donations are tax deductible. You will receive a donation receipt equal to the amount of your contribution. A $1000.00 donation would enable us to do more sooner than later. We understand some people may not be in a financial position to give a thousand dollars at this time. We ask that you access your personal finances and decide what amount you can comfortably donate to the cause. We are asking for an average donation of $20.00. We appreciate your generosity and we look forward to future collaborations in which we will be able to offer services that meet some of the needs and add value to our community.

The Entertainment Industry is a cut-throat line of work. Many well-deserved artist are not given the opportunity or recognition they deserve. They are powerless against the politics of large corporations, with out our help.
We are currently working towards acquiring a building large enough for a State of the Art Studio and Performance Center. Having our own facility greatly minimizes expenses and cost to record and host events.
You can be a part of History in the Making, help us continue to promote artist who create “Music from the Soul…For the Soul.

Please make contributions payable to Real Raw Records and send them to the address below:
Real Raw Records
P.O. Box 273
Netcong, NJ 07857

Thanks with love on top
PLEASE CONTACT US: 518-732-5729


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