Thank You Lord (Jazzy Remix)

Thank You Lord 

Thank You Lord Song PicSong Title: Thank You Lord ( Remix)

Album Title: Provocative Praise

Music Genre: Motivational/ Spiritual

Executive Producer: KanD Johnson

CoProduced by: Niko Harden

This song is an Old Gospel Hymn But a Jazzy New REMIX

Written by KanD Johnson

I wanna sing this song because

Its an oldie but goodie

And it’s a song that everyone can relate to

Because it’s a song about thanksgiving


Thank you, Thank you Lord

Somebody help me say

Thank, Thank you Than you Lord

Thank Thank you Lord

I just wanna say

Thank you Lord

Thank thank you thank you Lord

Tell me has he been good to you

I wanna say thank you lord

Because he been good me

I wanna say, I love to say, thank you lord

I just want to say thank you Lord

You been you been Ow ow so good

Somebody say you been so very good

You been…you been oww so very good

Oh Lord you been, you been o w ow…ow so dog on good

And I just want to say thank you Lord

Aint nobody like ya

You been, my closest friend

You stick closer than a brother

You been, oh Lord you been my very closest friend yea

You been … you been my, my very closest friend

And I just want to say thank ya thank you Lord


Ow Lord you made oh Lord you made a way

Out of no way hey hey

You made ow Lord you keep on make a way

Out of no way

Lord You made a way out of no way and

I just want to thank you lord

Lord I thank you

Aint nobody like you

None that hold me

Lord I love you with all of my heart

And all of my soul yea

Just cant thank you enough

Just can’t praise you enough

Lord you are worthy yea

I wanna give you the fruit of my lips because

I appreciate your kindness

I appreciate your love for me Lord

I Love you Yes I do!

Thank you , thank you

I wanna say thank you lord

Lord because you been so good

Lord because you been so kind

Lord you are worthy worthy Lord

And you deserve all the honor all the praise yea

RRR Copyright SymbolASCAP licensed songwriter & composer

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