Donate Musical Instruments

Donate Musical Instruments 

Real Raw Records is the 1st nonprofit Record Label in the Music Industry as well as the nonprofit sector. Our goal is to teach artist the value of their talent. We are in the process of purchasing a building, in which we plan to host informative meetings for talent enhancement, accessible to less fortunate adults artist in New Jersey. Help us make dreams a reality. We do not have the space to house large pianos currently.

Who will be benefit from the instruments and equipment?

In addition to the use of these instruments at our facility we plan to distribute some of the instruments to clients that are in need of an instrument to practice and perfect their skill at home. Your donations will help!

Many less fortunate artist are unable to purchase expensive music equipment. Your Donations of Music Instruments can eliminate this problem.

Donate music instruments

What type of equipment is needed?

Equipment would fall under the category of cables, cords, speakers, mixing boards, microphones/ stands, and laptops, TV’s yes a flat screen TV monitor can be used for recording and monitors for security systems. Donate Video Cameras to our IT & Digital Art Department.

Determine if your equipment is usable. If it is UNUSABLE DO NOT THROW IT AWAY, it still may have some value.

Please Contact Us Ask First – We may have someone with the technical knowledge to fix it or use the parts to fix other items.

What about printers and other equipment?

Yes, they can be useful too, such as keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, software.

Do you have any Video Camera you would like to donate to our charity? We will be using them during our Digital Art training courses to vulnerable people.

Can I donate my Computer?

We need your old equipment Computers that are more than 5 years old are not typically accepted by charitable organizations.  Simply contact us with what you plan to give away. We can always recycle old machinery, be sure to remove all personal data if possible.

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