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Donate Help Us Create!

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History in the Making!

Let’s Make Dreams A Reality!

With your contribution we can get the music we create played on the radio and advertise to increase our presence in the industry.

Your contributions will be used to cover travel expenses

necessary to introduce our organization artist statewide.

We need help in the administrative areas of our organizations but we are working with what we have. We have a comprehensive business plan but we need your help to execute the plan effectively.

Please be patient with us, we welcome suggestions, volunteers and any assistance or referrals that would be helpful.

Real Raw Records Inc is a Federal Tax Exempt 501c3 Public Charity Organization

DLN: 17053023323005

History in the Making

The founder started Real Raw Records while living in a homeless shelter in New Jersey. February 2014, she decided that she would create an environment for natural artist that create good music and deserve the opportunity and recognition for their efforts. Provide a breeding ground for success.

Real Raw Records is the First Nonprofit Record Label in the History of the Music Industry

(501C3 Federally Approved Status)

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Where my heart is at?  

Hi, my name is KanD Johnson, I am a singer, songwriter, and the founder of REAL RAW RECORDS’ Music is Magic Foundation. Real Raw Records Inc was founded as result of unfavorable circumstances and challenges I’ve faced in life. Firstly, I was born with mental challenges, in addition to that have been molested & raped by numerous people in the course of my childhood, and to top the tragedies off I suffered immense emotional abuse from family members that told me I would never be anything positive and consistently point out my inadequacies.

The other side of the spectrum I had two very strong positive influences in my life that generated good character, and tenacity to persevere.

Joanne King, my late grandmother, who was an awesome woman of love and integrity, noticed early on that I had a gift to sing.  She cultivated that gift and drilled character in me and made sure I understood the need to love people in spite of.

As a child she pulled me to the side and told me “God has blessed you with a gift to touch people with your voice.” She is dead now, but her words still live inside me, she said, “Promise me that you’ll never sing a song if you don’t feel it!” I agreed and I have kept that vow until this day.

Teresa Saunders, my mother, who I call Queen, is now blind but has a vision that I would one day “Rock the House” as she says. Growing up, in spite of me being mental retarded, she taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to.

My life has been very eventful, I have tried several different careers, and owned a retail appliance company but I lost it ALL after seven years of operation. I was so devastated that all I had worked for was taken from me in one day.  After seven years of operating my business, in one day, I lost everything but the clothes on my back. I had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized. When I was in the hospital I had to fight a court order to be medicated. I told the doctor that I preferred the use of meditation/prayer and Music as a Therapeutic Alternative.  I choose these options because it is what works best for me. I sincerely believe “MUSIC IS MAGIC”.  During my hospitalization I realized that losing my business could be viewed as a blessing in disguise. I could now concentrate on my music solely, and fulfill my destiny.


Music Makes a Happy Baby
Music Makes a Happy Baby

The Birth of Real Raw Records

I had only been in the music business three years and I have already had three major label offers and two independent labels offer to sign me as an artist. I didn’t jump on those offers because there were strings attached.

Starving Artist 1I refused to sell out!!! I wasn’t willing to compromise my integrity as a woman and sleep my way to the top! My body had been abused enough as a child. I never had the privilege to choose who I would give my virginity to. In addition to that deciding factor, I wasn’t willing to pretend to be something I’m not! The average person don’t realize the disgraceful things artist have to do for the fame and fortune you see.

Real Raw Records’ Music is Magic Initiative is a visionary vehicle for artist to share their gifts with the world and be a system of support for one another.  Many artist don’t have family, financial, or social support.  The Music is Magic Campaign consist of a series of Seminars, Concerts, and Tours that are set up as a platform for artist to develop, promote, and display their talents. 

Music is Magic Initiative

Music Is Magic Tour

is to teach artist how to use their talents to become economically stable. We purpose to preserve art by uniting those who understand the importance of creative art and music in our society. Creativity is useful in every aspect of our economic system. We welcome all forms of artistry, including but not limited to artist, painters, graphic designers, clothing designers, photographers, videographers, event coordinators, as well as singers and musicians. All forms of creativity are needed for the best outcome. If you are a skilled Lawyer or Accountant, artist are always in need of these type of services. Our sole objective is to create an environment that is beneficial to all who are involved!

 RRR Current EventsCurrent Entertainment 

There are many artist, musicians, and record companies out there but much of the music you hear is not of the capacity of artistry that used to bombard the airwaves.

 Old School music was composed of Raw Natural talent, singers and musicians alike. Old School music used to be about love, being in love, happiness, enjoying life, and some sadness or blues that you could relate to in totality the content was inspiring and it touched our hearts.

If you were in a bad mood you could turn on the radio and just at that moment they would be playing a song that gave you hope. Much of the music today has no perimeters or boundaries of moral integrity. Most industry mainstream artist use digitally synthesized equipment to doctor up there voices and artificial musical sound to replace real musicians. Many artist are choosing for their looks as oppose to talent. We are firm advocates of #NOAUTOTUNES! We support artist who deserve recognition but rarely get it.

This is an outrage! We need to do something about it!

Legendary Movement

REAL RAW RECORDS presents a Solution to the Problem of the industry. Our primary goal is to use our talents to assist in a solution to our countries economic crisis. We want to contribute and set a model for the leaders of the Music Industry. We endeavor to Preserve, promote and Increase the Value placed in artist with Naturally Acquired Talent.  There are real artist still out there pouring out of their heart and souls, but they don’t have the financial support they need to further their career or be heard.

 That’s where you come in! I can sincerely say our team is dedicated to helping in any way they can. We have the heart to do what it takes but REALISTICALLY it takes money operate. Music equipment and related expenditures are very costly. We need the support of the community.

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