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Real Raw Records is the 1st 501c3 Charity Record Label in the history of the Music Industry and the nonprofit Sector.

We chose this form of incorporation as a not-for-profit because we care. We are aware of the problems in our society and were consciously prompted to do something to make a difference. We care about our community, art, and artist, which is why we built this organization to contribute to the less fortunate in our society. The art and entertainment industry has issues that desparately need to be addressed. Most certainly the issue of poverty has always been something we cannot and should not ignore. Every problem we face in life deserves a solution. We view problems as an opportunity for solutions. Everyone has a choice to either be a part of the problem or solution. We made a choice to be a part of the solution. We recognize the issues the less fortunate face when pursuing a career in the music and entertainment industry we have options to alleviate these problems.

Here are some the problems

* Lack of finances for instruments and equipment,

* Lack of a location to practice,

* Lack of vital information to prevent being conned,

* Lack of support from family, friends, or community.

Just to name a few.

People look down on the poor and assume they are that way because they haven’t tried to better themselves. In some cases that is true. However there are people who are really trying to do better and they just need support to succeed. It’s easy to tell some one do better but we are providing the tools people need to do better. After we have given them sufficient tools it is a fair expectation for them to do better.

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History in the Making

I started Real Raw Records while living in a Homeless Shelter in New Jersey. February 2014, I decided that since I hadn’t gotten any reasonable offers in the industry…
I would create an environment for others like me that just wanted to create good music and do what we sincerely believe we were created to do since we are gifted with these talents we can contribute to society using our gifts,
This was the conception of REAL RAW RECORDS INC. the First Nonprofit Record Label in the History of the Music Industry 
(501C3 Federally Approved Status)

We are designed to promote and support artist who deserve recognition but rarely get it.
“Music from the soul…for the soul”

Music is Magic Campaign
Real Raw Records’ Music is Magic Initiative is a visionary vehicle for artist to share their gifts with the world and be a system of support for one another.  Many artist don’t have family, financial, or social support.  The Music is Magic Campaign consist of a series of Seminars, Concerts, and Tours that are set up as a platform for artist to develop, promote, and display their talents.

The mission of the Music is Magic Initiative/Program
mentor artist in effect use their talents to become economically stable.

We purpose to preserve art by uniting those who understand the importance of creative art and music in our society. Creativity is useful in every aspect of our economic system. We welcome all forms of artistry, including but not limited to artist, painters, graphic designers, clothing designers, photographers, videographers, event coordinators, as well as singers and musicians. All forms of creativity are needed for the best outcome. If you are a skilled Lawyer or Accountant, artist are always in need of these type of services. Our sole objective is to create an environment that is beneficial to all who are involved!

Did you knowAre you aware of what large corporations have done to the music and entertainment industry. Did you know people are selected for awards because of who they are connected with and not talent? Did you know artist are blatantly told they have to do unmentionable things? Did you know that artist sign their lives away with a contract for fame and fortune? Did you know artist only get a small fraction of what revenue is generated from them?  Did you know large labels steal unknown artist music and creative ideas? Did you know artist get conned on the way up because people know they are desperate for the success of their career?

We are well aware of the behind the scenes activity and we are angered to see what the industry leaders have done to the artist.  Did you know that most of the music you hear is computerized sounds and not real voices or instruments. It’s a shame that our society miss out on beautiful talent because of these issues. We are angered to know that they turn down promotion of real artist to promote people for looks and not talent. We are angered to see and know that they DO NOT value music and creativity! We know you know every thing we do in life is affected by creativity. The computerized device you are reading this article on required creativity for you to enjoy the benefits of that device. The device was Created by some one, the operating system was Created, whatever advertisement you saw that convinced you to buy that device required Creativity, the sounds it makes when you tap the keys is bits of music/sound/audio was Created by a musician. We could go on and on but you understand and know every commercial you have ever watched and every movie has music. Music changes our mood and it touches our lives in ways we seldom think about.

Intellectual Property

We teach creative people how to put their natural talent to use. Their are just too many talented people who are poor. We can help these people create income with their talent and become financially stable. We do this by giving them vital information. Some are in desperate need of life skills. Some are just in need of knowledge about the industry. We also provide information and resources needed to market talent. Most importantly we provide a system of support which many lack. We are an example of what we teach. We have accomplish a lot on a streamline budget. KanD, the founder of Real Raw Records started this company while living in a homeless shelter. She is extremely frugal, and set the organization up as a debt free organization to avoid placing it in financial strain. Although we have the desire to help many, the truth is we can not do it without sufficient finances and volunteers. We need your help because many of the industry leaders don’t support what we do because we expose the gimmicks and tricks of the trade.

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