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Legendary Online Store consist of £egendary™ Trademark Designs

Originated by the Creative Team of Real Raw Records Inc.

The First Charity Record Label in the History of the Music Industry!

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Legendary Trademark Designs ™


Legendary By Design is a series of designs that are

simply branded with the inevitable nature of Legacy.

It makes a statement with simplicity!

Worn To Be Style means you make it stylist when you wear it.

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Music Is Magic Design Series

Music Is Magic Logo Tshirt


Music Is Magic Signature Series

SignatureSoft White T-shirt

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100% Cotton with Dark Royal Purple Design

(Look Black) 30.00 Exchange

Shipping Included

Music Is Magic Tour Logo

Legendary Trademark Design

(Matching Caps With Embroidered Script Available)

Music is magic is Real Raw Records Community outreach program and fundraising concert, tour event initiative designed to bring the community together to address the unemployment crisis with a solution. A more productive solution that benefit all who are involved, supporters, community, family, and the economy of our great country.

Legendary Trademark™ “Never Ordinary Always Legendary”

£egendary is Real Raw Records Trademark Designs Brand Clothing T-shirts, hats, and

Novelty Merchandise, Music Is Magic Signature Series, Strictly4Gs, Money In The

Bank, G Heritage, and History In The Making





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Real Raw Records is the First 501c3 Charity Record Label in the History of the Music Industry.


More Designs will be added to our catalog soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Our store was hacked and we lost access to our complete store. We had to start all over literally from scratch rebuilding our website. The upside of this horrific experience is that we have made a better choice not to use any other third party programming when rebuilding. This will be beneficial for a more secure store for our customers. Please shop and show support we really need support in times like these.

Welcome to Legendarybrand.biz 2.0 🙂


Coming Soon!

£egendary Trademark

Strictly4Gs™” Design Series


Also Coming Soon…

Money In The Bank™” Design Series


100% percent of your donation minus the expense for the t-shirt and shipping cost will be allocated for charitable purposes. Please visit our website if you would like to contribute more. We are proud to say, our CEO and other board members and leaders are volunteers or work for less than average pay for their positions. They are sincerely, dedicated to the cause of raging war on poverty. We are currently raising money to purchase a building. Your purchase of items listed will help us to acquire a building large enough to house a state of the art studio, dance rehearsal space, and performance center which will drastically minimize our cost for renting expensive venues and office space. 

Nonprofit-Record-LabelWe have plans that will create at least 5,000 jobs. 

We design programs to teach creativity people how to use their natural talent to create or improve their economic status thereby, improving their quality of life.

We set up “Music Is Magic” events which allow creative people to show off their skills in an effort to build their confidence in themselves, and to utilize their skills and perfect their crafts. Potential employers attend and are able to see their level of skill and consider them for substantial employment or contracted work. We have discovered that many people live in poverty because they lack support, and the resources necessary to do better. Welfare only gives hand outs and penalizes any efforts they make to do better for themselves. People who work for minimal wages are discontinued from receiving benefits which can help them make ends meet. We offer the less fortunate an opportunity for economic growth which makes their Dreams a Reality! Be a part of history in the making. Help us make dreams a reality!

We support artist who create “Music from the Soul… For the Soul”