PreciousBre April 26, 2017

​Real Raw Records has coined the phrase “career volunteer” 

Career volunteering simply means a person is investing in a future for themselves by helping others. 

Raw Records is the place to be at this stage of growth there is opportunity to get in where you fit in.

  • It’s a very pleasant and encouraging work environment where you will be appreciated and the company is designed to succeed.
  • Real Raw Records is an opportunity of a lifetime literally. Support a worthy cuase and earn a living
  • My work at Real Raw Records will have an impact that create a Legacy.
  • We are making history as the firstcharity record label in the History of the Music Industry and Nonprofit sector! The reason we were approved for a federal charity status is because we are a record that actually care about art and believe in its economic value to society. We don’t exploit artist talent we help them.
  • An artist will never have to sue our label for financial indescrepencies because they will never be in debt to us and we will never be in debt to them. We are also the ONLY Debtfree record label.
  • It doesn’t get any better than that.
  • #App2Success via #RealRawRecords

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