About the “£egendary” Brand


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“Never Ordinary Always Legendary”

£egendary™ is our BranD Because Legendary is our Style

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About Legendary Brand


£egendary is Real Raw Record’s Trademark of Music & Merchandise

Legendary is a Life of Legacy

A Legacy Lifestyle

£egendary BranD Logo

We sincerely believe in the parable

“Even exchange is no Robbery”

We still believe that Integrity Sells!

We uphold the Old School Style of Integrity in Business.  We endeavor to provide music and merchandise that is worth our customers loyalty, simply because it is good quality and worth the price paid!

  • All businesses owe it to their customers to try to provide the best product and or service to their customers.
  • All businesses owe it to their customers to try to provide merchandise and services at a reasonable price.

All artist are welcome to use our services however, we only recruit represent artist with good character, and natural talent that represent what we stand for in business!

Legendary is a Descriptive Word, that can be used to Describes a Quality and that is why we have branded our organizations talent and standards with one word that describes what we are all about!

What does legendary mean?

Definition: Remarkable enough to be famous; very well known.

Example: “her wisdom in matters of childbirth was legendary” 

famouscelebratedfamedrenowned, acclaimed, illustriousesteemed

honored, exaltedvenerablewell known, storied, popular,prominent, 

distinguishedgreat, eminent, preeminent, high-profile;

synonyms: formal lauded      Ex: “a legendary figure in music”


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Legendary TrademarkLegendary Trademark Hat


These are just a few items in our inventory of Legendary Designs. We have Much More to Come…We believe in standing out from the crowd by Setting Trends. Our Creative Artist Team have been working vigorously to create designs and Trend Setting Labels That Depict What be Legendary is all about.  We have Created Some Very Unique Designs however we are searching for a manufacturer that can mass produce our clothing and accessories line with good quality material at a reasonable price that we may offer you the best quality for the best price.

Legendary is Real Raw Records Brand of Music, Merchandise, & Standards! 

Value of Creativity



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