KanD Johnson May 25, 2018

Official Music Is Magic YouTube Channel The Official Music Is Magic Youtube Channel Features Original Songs, Exclusive Music via Real Raw Records. ? Konnect Social Community Strictly4Gs Be a part of History in the making, Legendary Movement. Join us over 7000 other Gs? Call 518-732-5729

PreciousBre December 30, 2017

Music Is Magic  Real Raw Records is a charity record label. “Music Is Magic” is our Official Mantra and Theme Song. Our Mission “We create music from the soul for the soul”   (First Cut) Official Music is Magic Jingle (1st Cut) Music Is Magic On Air Live Streaming Program Hosted By KanD Johnson CEO of […]

PreciousBre April 29, 2017

STRICTLY BUSINESS   Get your website now! Contact me and I can set it up. It’s 2014 you NEED a web presence! — Rico Ramone (@RicoTracks) April 11, 2014 We ain’t gon talk about it We just gon be about it! (#LyricsByKanD) Song Title “BE ABOUT IT”

PreciousBre December 4, 2016

Charity is the only thing worth giving. We support artist who deserve our support becuase they create from the heart and give it all they got! We wouldn’t ask for more or expect any less right? #RealRawRecords #Charity #RecordLabel  in #NewJersey

PreciousBre October 27, 2016

Name A Song that never get old #Useful #Information accompanied by #Practical #Application #MusicIsMagicInitiative #Industry News#RealRawRecords

PreciousBre March 9, 2015

Song Title: It Must Be Nice! Title of Album: KanD JamZ  Subtitle: Love in the Mix Volume 1New Music by KanD Johnson LICENSED AND © COPYRIGHT PROTECTED CONTENT     Song Lyrics Hello baby I want to talk to you for a moment I want to let you know that I think about you all […]